Winter Boho Styling

Winter Boho Styling


Hi lovers! Sarah here...

Winter is here, and the temperatures have plummeted lately. I live at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand and it gets super cold here (we are talking into the negatives!) so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite tips for how I wear and style my boho pieces in such cold weather! When we think of boho clothing, typically it's floaty blouses and gorgeous flowy dresses, but there are so many ways to style your boho wardrobe for winter and many of your favourite summer pieces can be worn well into the cooler months!

Layering Is Key

Layering is key and there are so many easy ways to layer up to keep warm this winter. I continue to wear many of my long sleeved floaty boho blouses in winter, even in the icy temperatures. I simply wear a singlet and a merino or long sleeved tee under the blouse and no-one would ever know! Paired with a pair of jeans, a cardi, a cute pair of ankle boots and a fedora and you are winter-ready!

A couple of the long sleeved blouses I’m currently loving are the Aden Top in Dark Blush and the Zeena Top in Mocha! 

It's All About Knitwear

Knitwear is one of my favourite things about winter as I love feeling all rugged up and cosy! A fringe cardi is a great way to keep a bohemian feel about your outfit while also keeping warm! These cardis look super cute paired with a mid wash skinny jean, and you can then wear them well into Spring paired with dresses or denim shorts. I’m also loving the turtleneck jumper trend and I pair mine with jeans and a belt, then do a half tuck, where I tuck the front part of the jumper in.


Must have winter knits - the Pasadena Cardi in Navy or Beige, the Bluefire Cardigan in Vanilla or Blue and the Brooklyn Turtleneck Jumper.



I continue to wear my dresses well into winter, by pairing them with leggings underneath. Tunic style dresses look fantastic paired with leggings or half tucked into skinny jeans for a relaxed boho look. Maxi dresses can be worn with leggings underneath, boots, and a cute cropped knit over the top. Alternatively, you can wear your maxi dress like a duster or kimono - undo all of the buttons and wear it open, paired with jeans! I love wearing my Indigo Maxi Dress this way!



Favourite winter dresses - the Indigo Maxi Dress and Frigg Maxi Dress, and the Sander Florence Mini Dress


Winter accessories are super fun and add warmth as well as style to your outfit. I often wear fedoras in winter, and there are so many different colours to choose from! Scarves are another way to add additional warm layers to your outfit. 

Currently loving the Leopard Scarf and the Alvaro Hat in Camel.



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