Bohemian Maxi Dresses Styled By Ibiza Boho Girl

Bohemian Maxi Dresses Styled By Ibiza Boho Girl

Hi boho lovers!

Welcome to our first ever Salty Crush blog! We’re so excited to launch this space, where we will bring you the latest in bohemian trends and what we’re crushing on each week.

For our first blog, of course we wanted to boast about our collaboration with the boho queen herself, Ibiza Boho Girl! At Salty Crush, we’ve been lucky enough to work with real-life boho muse Yvon of Ibiza Boho Girl for the past year. We know right - what a DREAM come true!

You’ve probably seen her iconic style grace our social media channels, wearing our cult fave Salty Crush maxis and styling them with her unique bohemian twist. Here’s a wrap up of our all time favourite boho looks, styled by Ibiza Boho Girl:

London Maxi

It’s no wonder this stunning red maxi dress is a best seller! We’re obsessed with the way Ibiza Boho Girl styles our London Maxi Dress with a touch of turquoise jewelry and layers of beads for the ultimate, free-spirited gypsy vibes! Just add cowgirl boots and you’re ready to go. This bright and colourful maxi dress will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Birds Paradise Maxi

Mark our words, this is the maxi dress you’ll be wearing ALL season! The khaki green tones and pop of cherry blossom makes this gorgeous print perfect for Autumn. Feel inspired by Ibiza Boho Girl, by styling our Birds Paradise Maxi with a boho jacket and vintage boots for cooler weather, throw on some bright coloured beads for absolute #bohogoals 

Bungalow Maxi

Say hello to the lace maxi dress that flatters all shapes and sizes. Ibiza Boho Girl wears our Bungalow Maxi Dress in ~sand~ colour with such confidence and grace! The intricate lace fabric makes this maxi dress the perfect engagement or bridal dress, but we’re crushing on the way Ibiza Boho Girl has made it her own - and rocked it like a total cool chick. Who would have thought an elegant lace maxi pairs sooo well with cowgirl boots, leather fringed jacket and a fedora!? BUT it just works! Ibiza Boho Girl can do no wrong. 


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