Earthy Tones ~ The Colour Palette We're Living In

Earthy Tones ~ The Colour Palette We're Living In

Hi lovers,

New week, new styling goals. 

We love Mondays - a chance to start fresh with a new perspective. This week we're going back to our roots. We're focusing on the colour palette we always resort to.. the colour palette we LIVE in! Earthy tones.

The rich ombre of warm rust to terracotta, subtle hues of pale pinks, peachy blush and of course, our favourite neutrals like earthy browns, leafy greys and light sands. 

These neutral tones are so easy to style with denim, leather and suede for an effortlessly bohemian look. The kind of hues that flatter all of us and our unique colouring. 

Here's a look at our favourite boho pieces from the current collection and how we're styling them #saltycrushstyle









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